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Netherite RANK

$39.99 USD


•   Queue priority above Diamond when servers are full and in Events

•   Maximum Party Game Time: 6 Hours

•   Maximum Party Size: 16 Players

•   !NEW! FREE! Upon purchase, receive 1 random HAT and our Nether Weapons Skins Bundle 

•   Game Prefix: [NETHERITE]

•   /shout command in Lobby

•   /elytra command in Lobby

•   Fly in Lobby

•   Emojis: 4f547cc58d9804ded81ee8d10e8e3dd3289e1ea2.pnge609f38f525ccc7d7fefbf2d30ada7e7afddf7bb.png8397d48073529647c740a54609cc3b58931f0219.png20462f1e3788da05a6c93727be77112f34dda539.pnga313457d957e8c130d277eef1844419840887f2a.png2d7a8ee00b5de71c00eb15abbd1f43e816c7d3dd.png7e2fd588c3b0d9556bd3894c48110bdc05ca3756.png025b84449e63e76298c5d86fe41dd0646e0cbacb.png7a5db2376fc8ffb1d36201421bdd4e8865996bcf.png0ef04bb2e204267f4a891fbf6001253f5a085597.pngb488644156cd0c4819263ee7b5513338b77491b8.pngb42c31532497ce2faa8b2219cac5923e4f880e3d.png304760ab081abd6476687d1eb66f32bbeefb8ae3.png5b40b3110c13454b70caf10c9f04361fa58ef3dd.png7004abac6f285f863f6f06b3aef0379fc06ea43b.png5dfd12ec6e65f2848ce8e99cf4d57b454ffe5436.pnge67f59cee693b94c8aa0c1b4e6c0c6f49cb19021.pnge1320dd09400f93cdc4d70047e7211e5cac61e18.pngcf2168344ff597fb2948279574eddc6f9f2c88f5.png3bd2694a87d1cf66a939ce43f83cbaeb8906f249.png

•   Text color formatting

•   Custom Rainbow Color &u AND Bouncy &y chat color code! 

•   Discord benefits: Access to #exclusive-chat | #exclusive-leaks | Much more!

Note: All party members inherit the party leader's settings

Lava Rises

✓ 15% XP & Coins Boost

✓ 5x Voting weight for the next scenario


Increased Luck  - Increases the chances to obtain ender pearls from piglin bartering trades, blaze drops and ender pearls from endermen drops

Disable Piglin Brutes  - Option to disable piglin brutes from spawning in bastions

Glowing Runners  - Enabling this makes all runners glow

Nether Entry Resistance - Grant 15s of fire resistance when entering the nether

Bed Bombing Damage - Reduce bed bombing damage by 75%


Glowing Survivors - Enabling this makes all survivors glow 

Game Timer  - Duration in minutes the survivor(s) need to survive in order to win

Hitmen Border Size - The border size for the game

Allow Nether - Enabling this allows players to enter the nether.


Fire Resistance  - Players are immune to fire damage

Fall Resistance - Players are immune to fall damage

Swap Delay - Duration in seconds until the players swap positions

Allow Nether - Enabling this allows players to enter the nether