Diamond RANK

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•   Queue Priority

•   Maximum Party Game Time: 5 Hours

•   Maximum Party Size: 12 Players

•   Game Prefix: [DIAMOND]

•   /shout command in Lobby

•   /elytra command in Lobby

•   Fly in Lobby

•   Emojis: 014416f56b6496d050d18ca8c11322982614240b.png 65684f71a0b157ea7507e2aaea57ff99c6f08646.png b00e93fe36f07690ac3b2690098e1db066801b90.png 1767774c31bddb707afff1dc07740eea815ee071.png ba288da6e668663e224b8873a68517307fc8f79d.png35a66e946cdda1c1a23be3df6ee197609fa7b6ce.png 260cd0e3b8a002100e23d84c9f2ff9d9e19d25c8.png 86a8a175242a1d401a4fd8c4b7123b25bbcb2ca9.png acec752349ae870bf4c16b01834cc890337bfb91.png

•   Text color formatting

•   Discord benefits: Access to #exclusive-chat | #exclusive-leaks | Much more!

Note: All party members inherit the party leader's settings

✓  UHC Hunt - No Natural Regeneration, hunters drop heads for golden heads and ores auto smelt

✓  Zombified Piglin Drop OP Loot

✓  Random Drops - Random items from all mobs and blocks

✓  Damage Gives a Random Effect - Random potion effect for 5 seconds upon taking damage

✓  Sneaking Gives Invisibility - Runners become invisible when sneaking

✓  Bricks Drop OP Loot

Note: All party members inherit the party leader's settings

Lava Rises

✓ 4x Voting weight for the next scenario


Glowing Runners  - Enabling this makes all runners glow

✓ World Border Size  -  Change the world border size 

Nether Entry Resistance - Grant 15s of fire resistance when entering the nether

Bed Bombing Damage - Reduce bed bombing damage by 75%


Glowing Survivors - Enabling this makes all survivors glow 

Game Timer  - Duration in minutes the survivor(s) need to survive in order to win

Hitmen Border Size - The border size for the game


Fire Resistance  - Players are immune to fire damage

Fall Resistance - Players are immune to fall damage

Swap Delay - Duration in seconds until the players swap positions

Block Shuffle

✓  Random Block Drops Twist - Enabling this makes all block drops random

✓  Lives System - Allows the party leader to configure the amount of lives everyone has

Random Items Challenge

✓  Mob/Block Drops - Enabling this allows mob and block drops

✓  Allow Crafting Weapons, Tools & Shields - Enabling this allows players to craft weapons, shields and tools

✓  Allow Nether - Enabling this allows players to enter the nether