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McManhunt Hardcore Ranks
By purchasing items such as crate keys and tokens (or anything inside the hardcore store category), you can gain a new hardcore rank based off of the amount you have spent. We help provide you and other players benefits as a thank you for supporting our server. We aim to improve hardcore and other existing gamemodes on mcmanhunt and provide a better gameplay experience for all members of the community

Make sure to check the /rewards menu in-game when you get a new rank to get some items to share out to other community members

Scout (Spend to obtain: $1 - $14)

1.00 USD

Warrior (Spend to obtain: $15 - $29)

15.00 USD

Legend (Spend to obtain: $30 - $49)

30.00 USD

Divine (Spend to obtain: $50 - $99)

50.00 USD

Immortal (Spend to obtain: $100 - $249)

100.00 USD

God (Spend to obtain: $250 - $499)

250.00 USD

God+ (Spend to obtain: $500+)

500.00 USD